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LARGE Bronze French PARIS Sports Medal CROWN FGSPF Crystal Beads NECKLACE FGSPF-n-sprt

From our solid Bronze Collection....
A Single strand of Royal Purple capped antique beads completed with double rollo chain, upon which is draped a Solid Bronze Paris Sports medal dated 1913.
The front has a woman seated ( a shield at her waist shows FGSPF, see below for meaning) with two men holding a winning flag. The reverse has the Coat of Arms of Paris and states "Parc des Princes" 1913, Sport Federation of France.

Necklace is 31", medal is 1.75" in diameter.

Lynn Konrad

History of the medal...

Gymnastics and Sports Federation sponsorships France (FGSPF) is a French sports sports federation founded in 1898 in Paris by Dr. Paul Michaux .

After having to temporarily adopt the title of gymnastics and sports sponsorships Union of France and welcome the women's organization of female sports radius during the Occupation , it finally merged with it in 1947 to become the Sports Federation of France and the Sports and Cultural Federation of France in 1968.

Like its two initial markings clearly show, this is primarily a gymnastics, so competing federation of the Union of Societies of gymnastics France , the latter being close to the Patriotic League and the League of Education that s 'claim both secular or clerical .

The FGSPF also becomes a competitor of the Union of French Societies of Athletic Sports when it comes to worrying about other sports and more particularly soccer , because next to the gym that motivated its creation, it does not take long to choose also it as a sport reference.

His clubs clash of 1904-1914 when France Football Championship FGSPF it organizes.

In 1908 she managed to impose the French Committee Interfederal she created a year earlier as the only federation recognized by the International Federation of Association Football . 
PARC DES Princes
The Parc des Princes was used as a place of relaxation, hunting and popular promenade by the king and the royal princes during the 18th century. During the first half of the 19th century, the Parisian bourgeoisie adopted these pleasures once reserved for the nobility. Purely natural until 1855, the site knew its first urban planning with the drilling of a road to make way for the future district of the Parc des Princes. It seems that the name "Parc des Princes" made its appearance at this time by taking the terms Route des Princes and Porte des Princes, in use since the 18th century.

Pin gymnastics and sports sponsorships Federation of France.
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