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OLD FRENCH Antique Vintage LOURDES St Bernadette Virgin Mary STATUE Music Box-loumus

This c1920s-30s Gilded Sculpture will provide a grace note.

We discovered it just outside of Paris. It was in a chateau of a wealthy Madame with a wonderful collection.

We see this piece delicately placed with your other Religious artifacts or on a pedestal shining on its own merit.

The detail of her Beads, the Grotto and the folds of her Robe are absolutely incredible. Below the Virgin is Bernadette. The base has a raised L'Apparition LOURDES, La Basilique, La Grotte.

The design and detail on the base is utterly phenomenal. The Basilica is elegantly portrayed.

In addition to the detailed base; this piece is also a music box.

We believe the metal to be Spelter or cast Iron with a Silver wash. It is quite hefty in weight for its size. She proudly stands 5 tall, with a base of 2.5 by 3.5.

Condition is Very Good-antique, only the expected gilt wear; it has a wonderful patina with the passage of time. The music box still works, however we cannot identify the song, we believe it may be AVE MARIA.

Apart from suffering from asthma, young Bernadette Soubirous had just been examined by 3 doctors who had found her to be mentally and emotionally stable. A skeptical politician ordered Bernadette placed in jail, which she faced bravely. She used the time to prepare herself for her First Holy Communion.

Wednesday, April 7, 1858: Being the Easter Wednesday, the Blessed Virgin Mary called to Bernadette to meet her in the grotto of Massabielle, near Lourdes.

It was there that the Blessed Mother appeared for the 17th time to Bernadette Soubirous. This apparition became known as the "Le miracle du cierge", or "The Miracle of the Candle". During the visitation, a lit candle that Bernadette had been holding in her left hand had burnt down such that the flame engulfed her palm and fingers.

To the doctors' and everyone else's amazement, neither Bernadette's fingers nor palm had been burned. When the apparition came to an end, Doctor Dozous took the lighted candle from Bernadette and placed it under her left hand. As she snatched her hand away, Bernadette cried out, "Sir, you are burning me!"

It was later explained that Bernadette's soul was so enraptured by the Mother of God, that the fire of earth became cold by comparison to the warmth of Heaven.

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