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FRENCH Religious Notre DAME de BONSECOURS Charm PEARL Necklace-n-rene

From our Religious Collection....
A Single strand of Genuine Freshwater Pearls, upon which is draped a Large Sterling Silverplated Notre Dame de Bonsecours medal suspended from a Lily 3 Way medal,  both cast from the original French piece over a century old, this lovely reproduction is hand crafted. The medal is signed by the original artist, Daupree.
Notre Dame de Bonsecours translates to "Our Lady of Good Help", a wondrous piece if you or a loved one are facing a challenge in your life, a medal to lend comfort and support.
Priez pour nous translates to "Pray for us."
This medal commemorates the 4oo year anniversary of the building of this famous chapel in France.
Pearls are a generous 38”L, pendant is a generous 2.5" long (with 3 Way medal) and 1.25" Wide. 
 Lynn Konrad

The church of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours in Nancy is a religious building in the eighteenth centurythat we owe to Emmanuel Hera.

Origins of the Church
The 5 January 1477, led by Duke René II of Lorraine,  Lorraine and their allies crush the Burgundians.  This date marks the end of the Battle of Nancy in the death of Charles the Bold.  Thousands of soldiers died in this place during the battle are buried in a common grave near the creek Jarville. The standard of René II wore during the battle the image of the Annunciation.
 In 1484, a religious René II gets permission to build a chapel and a hermitage.  The shrine under the patronage of Our Lady of Bonsecours by the Duke is sometimes called Notre-Dame de la Victoire, Lorraine called it "chapel of the Burgundians."  The original chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours is to thank the Virgin Mary for the victory of René II.

The chapel contains a statue of the Virgin Mary carved in 1505 by Mansuy Gauvin, sculptor regular Duke René II, who also worked at the Porterie the Ducal Palace. Lady is a beautiful serenity under the folds of her mantle she opens her hands, the Virgin houses mankind, symbolized by small characters "all conditions" kneeling on both sides.  This is a good example of the type well known to the Virgin of Mercy who knows, in Lorraine, a renewed vogue certainly due to the success of the statue of popularity. The statue of the Virgin of the former chapel, finds its place in 1741 in the new church.  It remains as a rare specimen of the sculpture of the late Lorraine Middle Ages, very interesting, it is at the bottom of the apse, in a broad niche.

 Served by hermits and then after 1609 by Nancy minimal, the chapel became a shrine known.  Very small, it was enlarged in 1629.  The misfortunes of the seventeenth century during the Thirty Years War further increase the devotion to the Virgin of Lorraine de Bonsecours, in which they put their trust to avert the ravages of war, pestilence and famine. 

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