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MOSER Antique CHATELAINE Enamel Painted FLORAL GLASS PERFUME BOTTLE Vinaigrette PendantHEART Bead Necklace-n-bluprf

From our Duchess Collection....
A very rare find indeed, a remarkable antique C1900-1920 CHATELAINE Glass Enamel Painted Perfume Bottle with hand painted Florals. We discovered this gem in France, however believe it is from Austria made by Moser, see history below.
Each side has a different floral motif.
This piece was used by ladies when visiting the market to mask the fumes in the streets, cotton batting was soaked in perfume and placed inside the bottle. 
I hung it on Blue Heart shaped antique Glass beads from the same period completed with an elegant brass link chain.
It is adorned with a Single Rhinestone !!
A romantic piece to adorn with pride!
Necklace measures 30" in length and Perfume is 1.5" Tall.

Moser is a luxury, high-quality glass manufacturer based in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, previously Karlsbad in Bohemia, Austria-Hungary. The company is known for manufacturing fine stemware, decorative glassware (such as vases, ashtray, candlestick), luxury glass gifts and various art engravings. Due to the quality, Moser is one of the most collected of 20th century decorative glass and have been used everywhere from palaces to local restaurants.

From its beginnings in 1857, as a polishing and engraving workshop, it developed into a glass manufacturer lasting through the 20th century until the present time using a lead-free and acknowledged as manufacturer of high quality products.

In 1904 Moser received a warrant to supply the Imperial Courtof the Emperor of Austria and four years later became supplier to Edward VII.

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